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Pink Pug Design

Inspirujące porady na blogu dotyczące projektowania wnętrz.

Pink Pug Design is a design office operating since 2009.
We offer professional services in the field of interior design and green areas. We are a constantly developing design team that always approaches the client individually. Each of our actions is based on the experience gained in working with people and for people.


We offer our services in the field of:

  • interior design of houses and flats

  • garden design

  • designing commercial spaces

  • home staging

  • visual merchandising

Zobacz nasze wyjątkowe projekty wnętrz w naszym portfolio. Odkryj, jak tworzymy funkcjonalne i piękne aranżacje, które odzwierciedlają unikalny styl każdego klienta.

Joanna Pytlewska - Bil

owner and chief designer

A graduate of the Faculty of Design

and Interior Design at the Academy of Arts

Beautiful in Lodz.

Scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture
and Heritage

"I am an interior designer.

What's your Super Power?"

Your dream home

Want to buy and furnish your dream home?
Or maybe you want to sell an old property?

We work with a Real Estate Agent with whom we will help
make your dreams come true.

Let yourself benefit from our experience.


Mariusz Maciejwski

More information>HERE

Nasz zespół - pasjonowani projektanci wnętrz w pracy.
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